Product information
  Probe card
Provide many kinds of porbe cards
as user's request

      Triaxial cable
Triaxial cable for the semiconductor
test. Best solution for low current test.  
   Manual probe station
"Alpha series" supports customer's
sample from chip size level up to 
300mm wafer.
Enable to be customized.
      IC touch
Reliable for the device temperature
environment test, which is packaged
on the plate. 
Compact & low cost temperature control system.

Hot chuck system

Temperature control range from RT  
to 300 deg.C high uniformity and
Low Noise. 
Chuck stage size : Up to 12" wafer. 
     Capacitance Meter
New capacitance detection method
enabled to detect ultra low current 
(fA order) of device.  
 Positioner / Accessories
Offer the variety of measurement 
environment with many kinds of
options *We can change the design
to match with other company's probe station.

   CV-BT Measurement System 
Automatic BT treatment is available
for Microsoft Windows user. 
Product cataloe Lineup

TEL 81-6-6838-3233
FAX 81-6-6838-3234
   Four point probes
Offer the semiconductor materials
tester at low cost.

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