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Manual Probe Station -Line up- 
 α (Chip 8 inch     High / Low Temperature・Low Current Prober α 200CS 
・Offer the new advanced standard
 model of a-series which have
 the good performance in selling
  with user-friendliness.

・Ultra low current measurement
  in wide thermal range
・Accommodate -55 deg.C to
  +350 deg.C measurement

 LED Probe Station α 200LX   PEM300 / WLR probe stationPEM300 for Wafer-Level Reliability  
・Combine with solar simulator
 for Solar Cell Evaluaton 
・Illuminate optical device variably 
  for circuit analysis such as
 Transistor characterization.
・Inner lump probing
・Optimized for WRL test 
・Combine with TDDB card  
 which accommodated up to . 
  350 deg.C
 RF Probe Station α100RF・α200RF  High Power Manual Probe station α200PW
・Accommodated with RF probe
・Accommodated with 4 way  
・Proposal for 5KV、100A test
・Accommodated with diiffrent
  kinds of tester.
 Vacuum probe station  Compact probe station
・Organic device・MEMS device 
・Research development for the material 

We are the solutio partner with Keysight Technologies

・Measurement for gas air
・Low current measurement 

*We are also pleased to offer the specialized probe station with any request.                                       
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