>2012 July We formed a partnership with Keysight Technologies as a solutions partner. 
>2011 Nov Renewal 12inch probe station
>2011 May  Started to provide compact probe station
>2011 Mar 
 Taiwan branch was established. 
2011 Feb
  We started to provide Coaxial adaptor (SMA) on "”.
>2010 Nov. Started to sell the four probes tester.
>2009 Jun.
 Recieved Letter of appreciation" Vitality Manufactures SME 300 of Kansai/ Supporting the future in Japan"
 by Economy SME Ministry at the ceremony.

>2009 May.
  Received the prize of "Vitality Manufactures SME 300 of Kansai/Twinkling Manufactures・Small scale"
 from Economy SME Ministry
>2008 Nov. 
 Model changed of manual prober "a" series, which have been in demand for usability and capability.
>2008 Sep. Delivered 7pcs of the manual prober system PEM300 which corresponding the 350℃.300mm
 package probing with WLR probe card.
>2008 Apr. Selected as one of the "Vitality Manufacturers 100 of Kansai.
>2007 Jul.  Started to provide the triaxial cable for the test, ""
>2007 Mar. Releasing model PEM300 as special manual prober for WLR.
>2005 Nov. Received a special prize from Osaka Frontier Award Venture of Business Encouragement division.
>2005 Nov.Releasing the RF probe head which corresponding to 50GHz.
>2005 Feb. Releasing the 12inch manual prober.