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 IC touch /CV-VT measurement/Capacitance meter 
 IC touch Temperature test system for mounted devices   
Quick Temperature Change:
-55 deg.C to +135 deg.C
  • Wide Temperature Range:-55 deg.C to +135 deg.C
  • Quick Temperature Change:
  • Air compressor is unnecessary           
  Quick control the temperature of device on the PCB  

The IC touch is a compact, lightweight temperature testre incorporating skeleton-tupe Peltier Module.
Attachment (IC tough unit) connected from skeleton-type Peltier Module can touch directly for IC Devices on a PCB to enable highly effective test.
The IC tough allows desketop
collection of temperature stress data easier than conventional method like using oven or pressuization equipment.
The accompanying controller can be used to control temperature to a precision of ±0.1 deg.C and additional custom attachment can be ordered to match the dimensions of the ICs that you need to test.
The IC touch utilizes a Pt100 temperature sensor to detect and control the temperature of the contact attachment, allowing for precise temperature control of DUT.
The system is ideal for analyzing device failures and assuring device quality.

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 CV-VT System 
   <Smple: measurement date>
・Corresponding to the wafer size; 4〜12inch
・Enable highly effective test. Resolution capability 0.01pF
・Mounted the relay scanner enables to multisite probing
・Date analyzing of the standard application on the network is available as the measuring date is able to be remained on the CSV file.
Capacitance meter 
Model of
Sumitomo Metal Technology, INC.

New capacitance detection method enabled to detect
ultra low current (fA order) of device.
*Combination with manual prober for low capacitancet test with wafer.

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